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Why Is The Jack Russell So Popular With So Many People?

These bouncy little dogs are ready to play at any time, so are ideal pets for people with an active lifestyle. However, even those people who have any excuse to not exercise will choose a Jack Russell over other breeds.

What is it about this little dog that makes it so popular?

max sitting

What Exactly Is A Jack Russell Terrier?

According to Friends of The Dog, the Jack Russell was created and named after Reverend John/Jack Russell in Devonshire, UK, in the latter part of the 1800s. Reverend Russell was a fox hunting enthusiast and also bred dogs especially for fox hunting purposes. One day, he saw a small terrier-type female dog on the back of a horse-drawn milk wagon and promptly bought her. The Jack Russell breed came about when he mated her with one of his Fox Terrier dogs.

Jack Russell’s Have A Unique Personality!

I can certainly vouch for having a unique personality with my own little Jack Russel, Max. Loaded with energy and with a yearning to work, the Jack Russell is at its happiest when it has company as well as a job to do. Hill’s states that it is natural for these little dogs to want to dig, even more so if the job at hand is to rid your garden of rats and mice! Since they are baying terriers, they enjoy being vocal, but are exceptionally alert and make excellent watchdogs.

The hunting instinct, together with plenty of energy, and a naturally assertive personality, makes training an absolute must with the Jack Russell. Without training, they can be intolerant of other dogs or small children in the home.

How To Teach Your Jack Russell To Be Non-aggressive

All dogs must be trained from puppyhood say PetHelpful, and it’s no different with the Jack Russell terrier. They can sometimes be aggressive toward strangers, other dogs, or toys and food, which in most cases, is a sign that the dog is not used to socialising. Rescue dogs can also be somewhat aggressive and need to be trained to break this trait.

However, if a normally friendly dog suddenly becomes aggressive, it could possibly be a sign that the dog is ill or in pain for some reason. If the aggression is sudden, then the dog should go to the vet for a check-up, but if it is an ongoing problem, then it is definitely time for some training! 

Is The Jack Russell A Good Family Pet? Heck Yes!

Anyone considering adopting a Jack Russell will more than likely be weighing up the pros and cons about the breed, because the last thing they want is a dog that won’t fit in with the rest of the household.

Max being good

Whether the Jack Russell is a good family pet or not, is a resounding YES according to Terrier Owner! They state that these energetic little terriers are affectionate, loving dogs, and if handled and trained properly, will develop extremely close bonds with every member of the family, and other pets.

The bottom line is, that a Jack Russell will go all out to please their owners and will make a wonderful, faithful, protective pet. Owning my Jack Russell Max has been a joy and a delight for me as he brings happiness and fun all day every day.

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