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Why Dogs Are Afraid of Thunderstorms?

There are many reasons why a dog is man’s best friend. A dog can sense danger or bad weather because of its legit superpowers. Before you can feel any rain drops, dogs can already sense the rain before it starts.

Dogs and thunderstorms are not friends. Whenever rains start to pound, dogs start hiding under the bed, sofa or any furniture. According to Reader’s digest’s Sally Morgan, dogs freaking out because of thunderstorms is not an unusual behavior. In most cases, noise is the reason why dogs exhibit this behavior. Kelly Ryan, a vet director in Missouri says that if a dog has noise phobia, it is likely to be affected by thunderstorms. Apart from thunderstorms, a dog that does not like noise will also hide from fireworks and other related loud noises.

dogs hiding under bed

The noise phobias attacks dogs at an early age and should be treated as early as possible before worsening overtime. Any form of noise is likely to trigger anxiety in a dog. Below are some of the other factors that can easily trigger a dog’s anxiety:

Static Electricity

Static electricity usually builds up when thunderstorms occur, and this eventually bursts to lightening. Most dogs are able to sense this sound even when they are inside the house. According to the founder of breeding business, Lazhar Ichir, this form of electricity is first felt through the dog’s fur. The tingling sensation is what makes the dogs to feel agitated. Rightly so, they tend to look for a place where they can shield from the static charges.

Barometric Pressure Change

Whenever there is a slight change in barometric pressure, thunderstorm phobic dogs are likely to hide and avoid the noise.

Change in ions

When thunderstorms occur, there is a change in the ions found in the atmosphere. As a result, dogs that are phobic to such noises may experience these external signals especially in their nervous system. Flashing lights, rain and thunder all cause these signals that can make a dog ground itself and find a hiding place.

Change in Behavior

Dogs usually react to human behaviors whenever something is done in haste. For instance, when power goes out or you ran towards the window to close it, a dog can sense that all is not well and he needs to be on high alert.

A plausible remedy when a dog is hit with this form of panic is to take him to the bathtub. “When there is heavy storm, the bathtub is a place that your dog will find solace. It is a place that can help to block static electricity.” says Patra de Silva, founder of NHV pet products.

Taking your dog to a safe place where they are familiar with is another good option to allay their fears. Playing calming music in a dark quiet room also works says Dr. Ryan. If your dog is trained to sleep in a crate, you can try encouraging him to go there.

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