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Watch This Clever Border Collie Decorate The Xmas Tree

Amazing Border Collie Christmas Video
I found this amazing Border Collie video showing the clever dog decorating a Christmas tree and I decided to create a short video to say a special Christmas hello to all our readers at Our Amazing Dogs and of course to our Facebook Followers over at LoveYourAmazingDog

If you like video please like and support the new channel as many more great doggy videos are soon to follow.

I love Christmas Dog Outfits

As you know I have my own passion for Christmas and for Christmas Dog outfits with my own dog Max. He looks so cute bless him however, I cannot ever see him decorating the tree like the collie 🙂

Featured Max


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Lawrence Pryor
Lawrence Pryor
Hi everyone, I am a dog lover/owner and a blogger for many years and I created this website to share fun and interesting stories about our wonderful dogs. They truly are our best friends.


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