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Volunteer Pilots Help Four Dogs Get Adopted By Flying Them To Their New Forever Families

Most shelter dogs have a sad story about their previous lives. Some of them grew up homeless or abandoned, while others experienced abuse or neglect from their former owners. Thankfully, there are animal rescue organizations who rescue these dogs and work very hard to help them find a forever home. Animal rescue workers and volunteers want the dogs they rescue to experience what it’s like to have a family to love and to be loved back.

Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team or PAART is one of many animal rescue organizations that help these animals find forever homes. Their services are mainly to help other animal rescue organizations by transporting animals from shelters to their new families by air. Jonathan Plesset, the founder of PAART and also one of its pilots, oversees the entire operation. Together with his co-pilot, one of Jonathan’s most memorable rescues happened when they flew four dogs to New York that was adopted by veterans.

The four dogs they were delivering to their forever homes were Durango, Buffy, Peyton, and River. All four dogs have a sad story about neglect, abandonment, and abuse. Thankfully, they were all rescued and finally found a family who will love them unconditionally for the rest of their lives. All four dogs were flown to New York to meet their new families.

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The two volunteer pilots from PAART arranged the flight to take all four dogs to their forever homes. From Kentucky, they flew the dogs to New York to meet their new families. Thanks to PAART and its dedicated pilots, the four dogs will finally know what it’s like to have a family who will love them.

Buffy’s new dad is a Vietnam Veteran who served in the Air Force. As soon as Buffy was introduced to her new family, she immediately started licking and asking for cuddles from her new mom and dad. Durango was adopted by a veteran who served in Afghanistan. The veteran couldn’t be more thankful for the pilots who flew Durango to New York. As a trained service dog, Durango will be able to provide comfort and companionship for his new dad whenever he experiences symptoms of PTSD. Peyton went to a World War II nurse who swooned and adored her when they met. Lastly, River went to a foster parent who will care for her until she’s ready to go to her forever home.

All the dogs in the video below finally found their happy ending. They now live happy lives with their new families. The adoption wouldn’t have been possible without having such dedicated animal rescue volunteers to help. Thanks to them, dogs like Durango, Peyton, River, and Buffy get a second chance to live happy lives. PAART is still very active in transporting dogs from one state to another to meet their new families.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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