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The Perfect Solution For Busy People To Toilet Train Their Dogs

Caring for all your dogs needs can be a worrying process for dog owners, especially if they work long hours away from home or live in an apartment or high rise. Making sure your dog gets to the toilet on time is one of the most important things that busy dog owners understand and I personally can relate.

After having lived in an apartment for a couple of years myself there where many times, especially with bad weather than I nor my dog wanted to go out in. We had to go out nevertheless as Max needed to go and I only wish that this new product had been invented sooner as he will only go on grass 🙂

The perfect solution has been created by Bark Potty to toilet train a puppy from the start or help an ageing dog that has mobility issues.

All Natural Pee Pad
These amazing toilet pads for dogs naturally neutralize the odours that can be caused by frequent use, plus they all natural and can be recycled, so let’s save the planet together and only use recyclable goods when caring for our dogs needs.

The Bark Potty is an all natural product made from real bark and has the “smell” that encourage dogs to go. The pads are also lined to ensure there are no leaks and they are equivalent to the use of up to 60 pee pads.

Dogs love the new Bark Potty and they even have built in poo bags for easy and convenient use, keeping everything tidy in one place. This is the perfect solution for people living in apartments who maybe have mobility issues themselves and are unable to frequently take out their dogs. Perfect for holidays when travelling to dog friendly hotels and even for those who own boats and want a safe place for their dogs to go without peeing or pooping on the deck.

The pads are shipped free however they are only available in the USA at the present time. I look forward to them being made available in the UK as travelling to dog friendly hotels I am always aware that my dog needs to get out to do his business.

Check out the Bark Potty Toilet Pads Today and make your dog happy.

Lawrence Pryor
Lawrence Pryor
Hi everyone, I am a dog lover/owner and a blogger for many years and I created this website to share fun and interesting stories about our wonderful dogs. They truly are our best friends.


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