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Senior Dog Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer Becomes Honorary K9 For A Day

The Miller family was shocked and heartbroken when they were told that Jack, a Parson Russell Terrier, had terminal cancer. The senior dog was given only a couple of months to live. When the family got over their initial reaction, they knew that they were going to make Jack’s last months the best ones ever.

The Millers of Wilmington, North Carolina, made a bucket list for Jack. Some of the items listed in the bucket list included a course full steak dinner, a road trip, staying in a pet-friendly hotel, a picnic at the park, a boat ride, and lots more. They wanted Jack to have the time of his life, or what remains of it.

Jack the cop

jack russell, terrier, a little dog

Another item on the list is to see if Jack can get a quick ride in a police cruiser with sirens turned on. They got more than that. When they made the request, they not only granted it, but they also made Jack honorary K9 for a day complete with his own uniform. Jack got to ride in Sergeant Kittrell’s police car. Not only that, but he also accompanied her partner on a foot patrol at a park. Later on in the day, he stopped by at the  Police headquarters then went on to the 911 emergency center.

Jack and his family were ecstatic. They were also very thankful to all the people who have helped them make their bucket list come true. Aside from being an honorary K9, Jack was also able to tick off other items through the help of the community. One person gave the dog a boat ride. Another offered a visit to their farm. There were even surfing lessons provided to them!

Jack’s final days were indeed the happiest of his life. Unfortunately, though, things had to come to an end. Barely three months after he was diagnosed with his cancer, Jack succumbed to his illness. The millers are sad over the loss, but the memories of their final days together will stay forever.

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Source: Wilmington, NC Police Department via Facebook

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