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Security Camera Captures A Man Dancing With A Homeless Dog Outside A Coffee Shop

Some people are vigilant every time they pass by a dark sidewalk. However, a man did something adorable to the figure he came across when he walked across a pitch-black walkway.

One early Saturday morning in Turkey, a man named Metin Can Şener, was on his usual route home when an unknown figure came out from the dark sidewalk. It turns out that it was a dog with its tail wagging happily at the mere sight of Metin walking towards him.

Metin has been bumping into the dog from time to time, but only when it was daytime. The dog often hangs around at Metin’s café shop during such time, but Metin was surprised to see his four-legged buddy at 2:51 in the morning.

Metin shared with The Dodo that he always sees the dog passing the time outside the coffee shop. Apparently, the dog walks by the same street every day.

Metin and the stray dog slowly became well-acquainted each time they passed by one another. The jolly spirit compelled the two to react in the cutest way possible.

Metin and the homeless pooch greeted each other with a dance. From that moment on, Metin and the pup were no longer strangers.

Metin said that the stray pup became good buddies. Sadly, he could no longer take him into his home since he already owns four dogs.

The pooch looked as if he was well-nourished despite being a stray dog. Since the homeless pup has a pleasing personality, he was able to capture people’s hearts.

The stray pup always received cuddles and free food from almost everyone he came across. The owner of the coffee shop reviewed and shared the footage with Metin, who was surprised that their adorable moment was captured on camera.

Source: II. Supermet via Twitter

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Lawrence Pryor
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