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Mom And Dog’s Face ‘Merge’ As They Try To Take A Cute Selfie

Every fur parent loves taking photos of their furry babies. And while most dogs are exceptionally good at posing in front of the camera, sometimes, the not-so-perfect images are the ones that capture the most significant moments. Take Casey Stachnik and Beans, for instance.

Casey snaps Beans’ photos every chance she gets. The one-year-old pup loves to strike a pose, but he isn’t exactly a good model. Most often than not, his pictures end up ridiculously hilarious.

Just about a week ago, Casey tried taking a selfie with her dachshund. She aimed to use the photo on her holiday card. So while Beans rested on her lap, she grabbed her phone and took a shot.

Casey, sitting on her desk, leaned over and tried kissing Beans’ head. She thought that the dog’s photogenic snout would make the perfect focal point of their photo. But just as she placed her phone on the right angle and kissed him, the dog looked up and stared at her. And here’s how the shot looked like:

Casey took the shot at the right time. Just as when Beans’ looked up, their faces were in the right angles. They merged, making it look like Casey has the snout and mouth of a dog.

It wasn’t the first hilarious photo Casey and Beans have. But it is so comical that she had to act fast to capture it. And then, she laughed.

The result of their selfie was so funny that Casey felt the need to share it in Reddit. In about 24 hours after posting it, the photo immediately went viral. It got more than 30,000 upvotes, and Casey received almost 300 messages in her inbox.

Beans has four other dog siblings. They always cheer their mom up, so it’s almost impossible for Casey to have a bad day. She hopes that by sharing the photo online, they get to brighten other people’s day, too.

Credits to Casey Stachnik

Lawrence Pryor
Lawrence Pryor
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