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Man Wants A Pit Bull, Adopts Its Bestfriend Chihuahua Too

If you have a best friend, then you will truly love this inspiring story of two adorable furry friends who refused to be separated even during adoption. Merrill is a pit bull and Taco is a Chihuahua, but they are inseparable. Volunteers and staff at the San Francisco Rocket Dog Rescue said that if you ever take one away from the other, they would cry until you put them back together. This was tested when a man walked in and attempted to adopt Merril. The dog refused to leave his best bud, so instead of one, the adoptive parent ended up adopting two dogs.

Unlikely pairing

As seen in the video, besties Merrill and Taco are an unlikely pair in a number of aspects. First things first, they look odd as Merrill is a huge pitbull and Taco is a smallish Chihuahua. When they are together, Taco is dwarfed by Merrill’s gigantic figure. Their basic characteristics also taunt them; one is aggressive and the other is playful. Still, the couple has a special connection that no one can break.

How these two became best friends

San Francisco Rocket Dog Rescue is a shelter that saves dogs from getting euthanized. Therefore, the dogs in this shelter are those that may have come from other shelters which may no longer have room for them. There are also some dogs that are dropped off in this place because they are sick or just plain homeless.

Merrill and Taco are among those dogs that the Rocket Dog Rescue saved from being euthanized. Files showed that both dogs came in at the same time, but there are no data as to their owners. Merrill was sick and Taco was old. During the inspiring adoption, Merrill is three years old while Taco is eight years old.

Video Inspirational via Youtube

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Lawrence Pryor
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