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Loyal German Shepherd Stays Close To Dead Owner For 23 Days

Unparalleled loyalty is one of the best characteristics that our dogs can possess. It is a common quality among almost all dogs that we value. Dogs express their loyalty whenever they cry when we leave the house and run in circles once we arrive home.

But here is one story of a dog who remained devoted to its owner even in the face of death.

For 23 days, a German shepherd named Talero stayed close to his owner, Bernardo Leonidas Quiros, after his death in a snowstorm that happened in Argentina.

Quiros was on a family trip with his wife and two children to the southern part of Argentina since he wanted to visit his brother last mid-July. However, their car broke down on the way to their destination.

Because of the incident, Quiros left the car and took off together with his dog, Talero, to look for help. But the snowstorm was heavy in the area at that time. There were reports that stated regarding Quiros’s disorientation during the snowstorm.

After 23 days, the frozen body of Quiros was found in Alto Rio Senguer, Patagonia, Argentina. A relative discovered his body after recognizing Talero, who stood close to Quiros’ body.

According to one of the rescuers, they discovered the body of Quiros under the bushes because of his dog that stayed next to him. When the rescue unit arrived, that was the time when the dog walked forward. Talero served as the guide of the rescuers to be able to recover Quiros’s frozen body.

There were no signs of any form of violence found on the body. With this, a conclusion was made that Quiros succumbed from frostbite and overexposure to the cold weather. Signs of how Talero did its best to keep its owner warm were also found as there were dog marks on the head, torso, and feet of Quiros.

As for Quiros’s family, they were found safe in their car days after the recovery of Quiros’s body.

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