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Learn How 1 Million People Helped Get A Shelter Dog Adopted

When 19 year old Ryan Sesselman first saw this adorable German Shepherd pup at a local shelter he just knew that he had to have this adorable dog. However, with 2 dogs already at home his mother needed a little more convincing and gave him a big challenge to make it happen.
Milli The German Shepherd pup


What Ryan suggested was that he get 10,000 retweets on his twitter account to convince his mum that he was right and the public where behind him. Ryan assumed that offering 10,000 retweets was a huge amount as his twitter profile only had 200 followers, and his mum would cave is easily. His mum however had different ideas and told him, if you can get 1 million retweets then we have a deal!

i million retweets

With only 200 followers on Twitter, Ryan assumed that it would never happen at all and he would never get his beloved dog. However, something amazing happened and within days it had started to gain traction and it worked!

Ryan says, “I posted it that afternoon, and when I woke up the next day I had 222 retweets and was impressed. The entire day my friends and I who went and saw her yesterday were just watching the retweets go up and up and up. I woke up the next day and it had 149,000 retweets, which I couldn’t believe. It was unreal to me that 149,000 people retweeted it, and then it just spread so much faster after that. In four days I got one million retweets, making it the 10th most-retweeted tweet of all time.”

Here’s that tweet:

Ryan was in complete disbelief — and he wasn’t the only one. “My mom could not believe it. She never thought it would happen,” he said.

With the power of social media behind him, Ryan’s mum had to hold to her end of the deal and later that day, they went together to see the pup who’d won Ryan’s heart. As soon as his mum saw the adorable puppy she too fell in love with her and they filled out the adoption forms straightaway and brought her home that day.

mum and ryan with Milli

To pay homage to twitter and the huge number of retweets, Ryan decided to name the pup “Milli”. A fitting name for such a popular dog 🙂 and a tribute the 1 million strangers who helped him adopt the adorable pup and show his mother the decision was the right one.

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Lawrence Pryor
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