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How Smart Are Border Collies?

Border Collies are exceptionally loving, but at the same time, are a well-known working breed, with loads of energy. It is also said, according to TheSmartCanine, that they’re tremendously intelligent when compare to other dogs. However, are Border Collies really as clever as they are made out to be?

When it comes to working intelligence and obedience, they are way smarter than other dog breeds. The most intelligent dog in the world, in fact, was a Border Collie who recognised more than 1000 nouns, so with their herding intelligence and adaptability, it’s no wonder that they top the list of intelligent canines!

Should You Consider Having A Border Collie?

Being as “busy” as they are, Border Collies must have regular exercise and lots of mental stimulation every day. They have been used for hundreds of years by shepherds, to herd sheep along the Scottish Borders, as well as in Northumberland. MiPetCover confirms this, by stating that families with Border Collies might want to watch their small children, because their furry friend will probably try to herd them sometimes!

Border Collies are ideal for families who spend plenty of time in the outdoors. They are highly alert dogs, that are always on the go. They are easy and an absolute pleasure to train and respond to commands immediately. Spectators at agility shows love it when Border Collies are taking part, because the dogs go all out to do their absolute best whether there is an award at stake, or simply just for the fun of it. The fact is, that Border Collies flourish when they are commanded to do something!

It is not a good idea to leave a Border Collie alone for too long, as they get bored after a short time of being on their own. They also tend to suffer from separation anxiety and will keep themselves amused by pacing around, trying to herd the birds outside, or even worse, take their anxiety out on your furniture, by destroying it!

tan border collie
Image by Enirehtacess from Pixabay

Why Are Border Collies So Good At Herding?

As mentioned earlier, these dogs are bounding with energy, and need plenty of exercise. In addition to this, they are extremely agile, so herding is the perfect way for them to get rid of all that pent-up energy. All Border Collies love running, with some of them even reaching speeds as fast as 20 to 30 mph, according to Go Geese Go!

Apart from having excess energy and their extreme agility abilities, there are other factors too, that make Border Collies as good as they are at herding. These include a piercing gaze, also referred to as a “herding eye”, as well as the fact that they’re born with an instinct to herd.

Can Anyone Have A Border Collie?

A perfect description of Border Collies can be found in The Dog People, where it is stated that the breed is “the Canine Equivalent of a 4 X 4!”

In short, not everyone can have a Border Collie, because they would be best suited to farm life, or at least a family that will see to it that their exercise needs are filled on a daily basis.

The breed is simply not suited for living in a suburban flat or a house with a tiny garden. They are a breed that craves exploring and adventure, and lots of space – basically anything that will fill their days with all types of activities!

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