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How Dogs Are Helping In Cancer Treatment

A dog, no matter its present condition, can teach you a lot. With a charming dog, you can learn how to take each day as it comes, live with joy and know the meaning of friendship. Even more importantly, a dog can teach you and me how to be selfless and loyal to one another.

Nonetheless, even though man’s best friend can teach you how to enjoy friends, there is much more in common apart from companionship. As cancer becomes the number one killer disease in humans, the same case is happening to dogs. It has been proven that canine cancer is now the leading cause of death in dogs that are 10 years and above.

Dogs Are Similar To Humans When It comes to Cancer

This coincidence is, however, becoming helpful in the research for cancer. Comparative Oncology researchers have recently conducted studies on the similarities in cancers between humans and dogs. By studying naturally occurring cancer in people and pets, there are now more clues to treat cancer successfully. Comparative Oncology studies are already underway for phase 1 and 2 clinical trials. The trials are now taking place in 22 different sites in USA, and Colorado State University is one of them.

dogs are like humans

If the results from these researches are anything to go by, easy access to good cancer treatment is going to be a dream come true for many patients. The intensive research combined the knowledge of scientists, veterinarians, cancer specialists and physicians. In the near future, traditional cancer research approaches will be a thing of the past.

The dog species shares a lot of similarities with human beings. After successfully mapping the human genome, scientists were also able to decode the canine genome. Consequently, it was realized that dogs possess 80% similarity to humans in terms of genetics. Moreover, it was discovered that cancers in dogs such as that of the bladder, lymphoma and bone are molecularly one and the same as that of humans. The same genetic mutations that propel the human cells to be cancerous are the same that cause dog cancer. This is what makes dog and human tumors to look the same.

Because there is a similarity in the DNA and molecular features of dogs and people, cancer treatment has been similar between the two. If a treatment is showing positive results in canine cancer, the same prediction will be similar to humane cancer. A study of how cancer responds in canines makes it easy for scientists to find cancer drugs for people. As dog owners enjoy the privilege of new treatment for their dogs, human cancer patients can also have a quick way of collecting data meant for FDA approval.

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