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Heart-warming Story of Terminally ill Man Who Gets His Dying Wish For A Final Visit From His Beloved Dog

In his last hours of life the caring staff at Ward 3, Ninewells Hospital in Dundee agreed to allow Shep the border collie to see his master.

Hospital Grant Dying Mans Wish

Allowing animals into hospitals is no ordinary thing due to infection control regulations. However, when the staff asked the family if Mr Robinson, who was dying from fibrosis of the lungs would like anything brought in for his final few hours of life, the family asked if they could bring in Shep to make a dying man happy.

The family did not expect the hospital to agree to their request in reality. However, to their amazement and surprise the Hospital agreed in only 20 minutes and working with their colleagues in the infectious control unit Mr Robinson was able to see his beloved dog for 1 final time before he died.

Hospital Staff Go Beyond Just Caring

The family are extremely grateful to the hospital and staff at ward 3 for granting a dying man his final wish to see his 8-year-old border Collie Shep, who has been by his side since his wife’s death.

The family posted their amazing experience on Facebook and are eternally thankful for the hospital in their caring and compassionate approach to give a dying man his last wish. Mr Robinson thought that he would never ever see his dog Shep again and this simple act of kindness went a long way with the family.

The staff went over and beyond what the family expected and it is the small things in life that make big differences.

As a result of their act of kindness the team in Ward 3 went on to win an award in the Star awards for Outstanding Team Members and it is little wonder why with this selfless act of caring and kindness.

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Thanks to our friends at the BBC for the story

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