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Fred The Labrador Adopts 9 Ducklings

Meet Fred, A Labrador Who Adopted 9 Orphaned Ducklings
Man’s best friend has canny ways of warming our hearts. From their beautiful faces and playful nature to stories about their unbelievable acts of kindness, no pet makes our lives more beautiful than dogs do.

If you love hearing amazing stories about dogs, then your heart will melt when you hear about Fred. This is an 11-year-old Labrador who decided to take on the world’s most difficult job by becoming a single dad of 9 ducklings.

This resident of Mountfitchet Castle in Essex did not think twice when he came across 9 lost ducklings wandering aimlessly in the castle’s compound without a trace of their mother.

Instead, as a responsible adult, he took matters in his own hands and decided on the spot to adopt them.  It is believed that the mother of the ducklings was eaten by a fox.


Fred took care of the ducklings, protecting them from harm and giving them all the warmth only a mother can give. He carried them off his back and even took them for a swim. This is not something we get to see every day. Whereas it is hard to be a single father of your one biological child, this aging pooch made light of the duties of taking care of the 9 ducklings who neither belonged to him nor his family.

fred the labrador

True to nature, the beautiful pictures of the 9 ducklings resting on his back will melt your heart.  It is not always that a dog decides to step in when a duck abandons his children. However, Fred has shown us that when it does happen it is something special.

Now after the nine grew and flew off the coop, Fred has been minding his own business and we all had forgotten about him. Then in May 2019, it was reported by Metro that he has taken in a new set of six ducklings that were abandoned by their mother.

This old pooch indeed has a golden heart and is always willing to step in when things are not going right for little lost animals. If only humans were this caring then we would never have street children.

Fred who lives in the Mountfitchet Castle which is a home for the rescued animal is such a good role model to the rest of the animals in the place. However, he must also be a great breadwinner as he does more to bring in tourists with his never-ending acts of kindness.

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Lawrence Pryor
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