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Fat Dogs Are NOT Healthy Dogs!

There are some pet owners who find it cute, or a sign of good health, if their dogs are overweight. Studies conducted by PetHealthNetwork, however, find this to be far from the truth! These studies found that obese dogs are at risk of contracting:


  • Heart and breathing issues
  • Arthritis
  • Torn ACL/anterior cruciate ligament
  • Tumours
  • Risk if the dog must undergo anaesthesia
  • Skin problems


Carrying too much weight around can reduce the quality of your dog’s life, and result in him/her dying prematurely as well. Those extra pounds will make it harder for your dog to move around, get up or down, be reluctant to play, and get tired quickly, after just a little effort.


How to put your dog on a diet

Just like human beings, if animals are overweight, they must also do what they can to slim down and become healthy again. Of course, your dog has no way of doing this, so you must do things to help him/her to shed those extra pounds.


First of all, take your dog to the vet to make sure that there is no disease or other health issue that is causing the obesity. Once you have the all clear from your vet, then have a look at the following tips from the American Kennel Club to help an overweight dog to slim down effectively:

Fat Dogs Are NOT Healthy Dogs!

  • Work out a schedule – if your dog normally has access to food all day, then change this by only putting food down for about 15 minutes, at a certain time of the day, and then removing any left-over food when he/she is finished eating.
  • Measure out your dog’s meals – use a measuring cup and make a note of how much food you are giving your dog each day.
  • Cut down on in-between snacks – biscuits, training treats, and other snacky items can add to the calories your dog takes in over and above his/her usual meals. Make an effort to cut down on these extra calories, by limiting the number of treats your dog gets every day.
  • Opt for low-fat treats – most treats you buy from the shop, including chews, tend to be fattening. Instead of these high-calorie treats, offer your dog vegetables or fruits, such as carrots, bananas, apple slices, or green beans.


Obesity reduces a dog’s life significantly!

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a study conducted by the Banfield Pet Hospital discovered that overall,, the lifespan of any obese dog, could be shortened by as much as 2-1/2 years!


These findings prompted veterinarians from all over the world, to stress to the owners of pets who visited them, just how dangerous it was for them to allow their dogs to become obese. It was even more important to discuss this issue with the owners of new puppies, who would find it cute when their puppy was on the plump side.  Puppy owners who did this in fact, were almost guaranteeing a shorter, more unhealthy life for their puppy.


This important, life-changing information, must of course, also be shared by veterinarians with the owners of already overweight dogs. It will hopefully convince these owners how essential it is to put their dogs on a weight loss program, to add, rather than take years off their lives.

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