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Facts You Should Know About How Dogs See And Their Vision

Myths and facts you should know about your dog’s vision and how dogs see

There exists countless myths about this loyal animal. The misconception that is currently breaking the internet entails its eyesight. Influenced by this, I embarked on a research journey on how dogs see, intending to discover what a dog’s vision is like. Here are some of the interesting facts that I discovered.

How dogs see?

Similar to human beings, dogs see the world through the cones and rods contained in their eyes. However, they have fewer cones receptors. As a result, this limits their color vision, meaning they cannot see as many colors as human beings.

It is also because of this that the cones of the dog only detect two colors while that of man only detects three colors. Unfortunately, these two colors that the dogs’ cones detect are yet to become verified. Some experts, however, claim that the two colors are probably yellow and blue. Now, let us take a look at the four interesting facts about the dog’s eyesight.

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Facts about a dog’s vision

  • They are not colorblind

Indeed, dogs do not see colors in the same way human beings do, and this is due to the color receptors of the eyes. However, this does not mean that they are colorblind. Dogs can see and differentiate several colors. Notably, dogs see the earth in shades of green, blue, yellow, gray, and the obvious white and black.

  • They are short sighted

If you have visual problems, you are well familiar with the Snellen eye chart. Yes, the chart that your doctor would ask you to read from a distance. Its main purpose is detecting if someone is short sighted or long-sighted. While tested on dogs, the chart proves that the dogs’ vision is perfect while they are closer to objects

  • They have a perfect night vision

You are probably shocked, but guess what, dogs, just like cats, have a superb night vision. Influencing this is their eye structure and their additional special eye features, which humans lack. Notably, dogs have a mirror-like organ referred to as a tapetum.

It is situated at the back of the dog’s eye making the retina to collect the maximum amount of light once light enters the dogs every and is reflected on the tapetum

  • They have impressive peripheral vision

While compared to man, dogs have an excellent peripheral vision. Wondering what peripheral vision is? Well, it is the ability to see an object from the side. Unlike human beings who have an estimated field vision or around 180 degrees, the dogs a wider peripheral vision. It varies from one dog to the next, but the estimated field vision of the dog is 250 degrees.

Based on the above details, there is no doubt that dogs’ eyesight is prone to certain shortcomings like being nearsighted. However, they generally have excellent eyesight, which disapproves of the misconception of dogs being colorblind.

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Lawrence Pryor
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