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The Shelter Homes Are Empty!

Caring Animal Lovers Are Coming Forward.

Some good news for our furry friends is coming out of the pandemic  due to the increase in animal adoptions across the world. This is great news for animals in shelters during lock down as it means getting plenty of special time with their new owners and settling into their new homes with plenty of love and attention.

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There actually probably has never been a better time to adopt an animal, allowing you real time to know them. However, the adoption is for life, not just during a pandemic. We can only hope that once this is over and things gets back to normal, the adopted pets will stay adopted and stay loved.

A UK shelter, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home say they had a huge increase in re homing cats and dogs since the virus was declared a pandemic. In a single week they had over 150 animals adopted, 86 dogs and 69 cats. According to their figures it is almost double the usual re homing rate for this time of year.

battersea dogs and cats home


Although 3 of the Battersea shelters are now closed to the public they still  have over 100 animals in shelter. Anyone wishing to re home a pet can do so by filling in their online application form and once things get moving again they can reach out to you.

USA Shelters Are Also Empty

The same thing is happening across the USA from Wisconsin to New York, North Carolina to Colorado and New Mexico all are reporting they have no animals left to adopt as they have been able adopt out or place in foster homes.

According to Kitty Block the president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, ” the rates of fostering, in particular, have increased by 90 percent in some cities.” Block says.

Bloomberg reported that in New York City shelters are seeing an increase in applications at 10 times the normal rate. Another Pennsylvania shelter saw its application numbers increase from three-to-five per week to 40 per day.

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As people practice social distancing to curb the virus, adopting a pet to help you through the isolation and could be the perfect answer.

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Like many readers I live by myself with my dog, my wee Max. However, just because he does not speak out loud, we communicate well and the company he gives in return is invaluable to me.


Dogs are certainly labelled well as man’s best friend and will continue to be our most loyal and loving best friends no matter what. In these times of the pandemic, lets hope when its over the shift to care and love for our animals continues. A dog is for life, not just a pandemic.

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Lawrence Pryor
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