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Doggy Daycare Owner Puts Up Hidden Camera To Capture Dogs Coming In

Excited dogs are happy dogs. They often get excited about a lot of things, especially playing. It might be the reason why Laken Molly Richardson opened Two Brown Dogs Doggy Daycare a year ago in New Zealand. She just wanted to create a fun and safe place for dogs to relax and play.

There are about 15 dogs that will show up every day in Richardson’s doggy daycare. It has the kind of fun that makes each one of them feel very excited and go there in the morning. To give some proofs about their excitement, Richardson thought of putting up a camera to document the arrival of each dog.

The captured moments exactly show how happy they are. Some went out of their cars without even looking back just to say goodbye. Some ran ahead of their parents to get to the door quicker; some barely stayed on their leash.

Some other dogs are at first quite hesitant to go inside. But Richardson always has the courage to help them. According to her, the new ones take quite some time to get used to it, until they will soon love it. They also offer some training for nervous and anxious dogs.

Often, after a whole day of playing and having a lot of fun, most of the dogs get tired and are ready to get home. However, a few do not want to go out of the door that they have to be dragged out. It shows how they really enjoyed and how they love going to the doggy daycare every day.

As a result, they would always find time to go back there the next day. On the other hand, Richardson, too, always has gotten the chance to capture each dog’s happiness and pure excitement. Watch the video below:


Credits to Two Brown Dogs Doggy Daycare

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