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Dog With Hearing and Seeing Disabilities Escaped Home, Found Few Days Later

Dog-loving families who take care of dogs with disabilities are always at a disadvantage. The common disorders for dogs are deafness and blindness.

One of the challenges that these families do not want to face is the possibility of their dogs going missing due to their disabilities. The Stairs family had to deal with this ordeal after their blind and deaf dog went missing.

For 14 years now, Chesney has been part of the Stairs family. Since then, Chesney and the members of the family built a good rapport with each other.

When the Stairs family learned that Chesney was missing, they feared for the dog’s life. Aside from being blind and deaf, the dog is already weak because of his advanced age. Chesney is very special to the Stairs family because of the good memories they had with the pooch.

This is the reason why the family was heartbroken after Chesney went missing. The Stairs family looked for the dog everywhere possible. They also asked their neighbors if they saw the dog roaming around. All their efforts did not yield good results.

The next morning, the Stairs family asked the help of their community. Gladly, the community helped them in looking for Chesney. There was even one neighbor who used his drone to cover more places. Again, their efforts went unsuccessful.

A few days more, there were still no leads. The family started doubting whether they will see the dog again. Just before they lose all their hopes, they received good news through a phone call. Chesney was seen wandering at a nearby community.

Since the locals noticed that Chesney was blind, they took him to the animal clinic. The Strait family went straight to the said clinic, and there they found the dog. The Strait family was thankful to the people who made sure that the dog is safe and sound.

Credits to WWLP-22News.

Lawrence Pryor
Lawrence Pryor
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