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Dog Will Do Anything Just To Make Dad Stop Playing Video Games

Chelsea is an older dog who loves to soak up all her parents’ attention. She isn’t needy. She simply refuses being ignored.

The lovely pooch will do anything to get her dad’s attention. But it hasn’t always been that way. The first time Eric Howe moved in with Chelsea’s mom, the dog was somehow unreceptive. And she took her time warming up to her dad.

So, how did Chelsea and Eric become so close? It’s simple. Video games bonded them.

At first, Chelsea always ignored Eric. It’s as if he wasn’t there at all. The only time she’d care is when he approaches her and pets her.

Then, one day, Eric noticed something different about how Chelsea behaves. Whenever he plays video games, she would whine. At times, she’s also pacing and jumping around.

Soon, the adorable pup was already trying on different tricks and tactics of disturbing his dad’s TV and game time. Eric found it hilarious that he started to secretly film Chelsea’s reactions and demeanor whenever he’s playing with his Xbox. Here’s one of the clips Eric has recorded:

In this video, Eric was sitting on the floor, playing video games in the living room when Chelsea walked over to him. She sits and wags her tail, and gives her dad a meaningful look before touching him with her paw.

When Eric ignored him, Chelsea left briefly and then came back. This time, the pup isn’t allowing any rejection. She jumps onto him and starts her lick attack.

While Chelsea clearly loves attention, Eric has a more meaningful interpretation of why she acts the way she does. To him, Chelsea’s disposition is also because she’s concerned. She stays in her bed as Eric starts to play. But the moment she hears him yelling at the game, she’d stand up and interrupt him.

Chelsea hates it when her favorite humans are upset. So she tries and limits Dad’s screen time now and then. Good job, Chelsea. You’re one sweet girl.

Credits to Eric Howe via YouTube/Chelsea The Dog

Lawrence Pryor
Lawrence Pryor
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