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Dog Who Lost Her Family Found A New One

A pregnant dog is seen staring at a particular place. The people in the neighborhood have seen her around for a long time. They noticed that there is one specific place that she keeps revisiting.

That particular place was where her mother and family were killed. She was the only survivor. Some of the people were concerned and wanted to help her.

But every time they would approach, she runs away. The dog also had a limp which made it challenging for her to move around. This dog was in full-term and was having difficulty giving birth.

A woman was so empathic with the dog’s situation that she got teary-eyed talking about it. The crew members decided to get the dog so it could give birth properly.

The vet was called immediately, and the pregnant dog was checked. The vet was able to pull a puppy out, but the canine was already dead. It was challenging for the dog to give birth, as her pelvis was too small.

She was hurriedly transported to the animal clinic and had an emergency C-section. The doctors were able to deliver four puppies. Only one of them survived.

If the film crew did not rescue the dog and helped her give birth, she may have lost her life as well. It would have been terrible for her health having dead children inside of her.

Both dogs are healthy and striving. They have survived the loss of their loved ones. They needed to keep in mind that they still have each other. They were each other’s responsibility.

The two dogs fortunate because the woman who was so concerned for them decided to adopt them. They are now a family. Both dogs may have lost their family, but they found a new one.

Source SBS TV via YouTube

Lawrence Pryor
Lawrence Pryor
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