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Dog Protesting Walking Home

How does your dog protest to you?

This dog is smart as he knows when he is getting close to his home that his time for walkies is over and he goes into possum mode and falls on his back!

Say hello to Ryder everyone, he is a Labrador and basset hound mix who has no problem communicating to his owner Sean Tornetta when he is not ready to end his fun and return home.


Ryder loves to walk with the family and when it’s time up he puts up a quite usual protest not to go back home. As they are nearing home, usually about a 1 block away Ryder falls on is back and refuses to get up.

Sean usually ends up picking Ryder up and carrying him back home. However, treats work too and Ryder has a miraculous recovery when he hears the treat bag ruffled.  Sean decided to film Ryder’s crazy antics for us all to see and share below.


Thanks to our friends over at for the original article.

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Lawrence Pryor
Lawrence Pryor
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