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Dog Owners Get More Exercise Than Gym Goers

What Does Dog Walking Say About The Relationship You Have With Your Dog?

Just like their owners, dogs love walks. It is a common routine to see a dog and its owner taking a stroll, unless of course it is raining, or the weather is just unfriendly. Nonetheless, it might interest you to know that these walkies are not ordinary. It is an opportunity for dogs and humans to have a power negotiation and strike a good relationship. Historically, it is a true reflection of animal submission and human authority.

The United Kingdom is one of the nations in the world with millions of pet lovers. Statistically, 40% of households in the UK have domestic animals. Of these, 24% are dog owners. In an average dog’s life of about 12 years, the owner usually walks 23,739 miles in its lifetime. This is a clear indication that the owner gets time to exercise through these dog walks and has more exercise time compared to gym goers. This goes to show how walking can help to create a good relationship with one’s dog.

How Walking Works Wonders
Even though walking is naturally a mode of transport, walking with a dog has a myriad of benefits for both the owner and the dog. It boosts the physical and mental wellbeing of humans. However, the walk needs to be a shared experience with the dog and not with human authority throughout the exercise because dogs have their own personalities. If you are a dog owner, establish the right timing for walks, the location and the length to be covered. This should be decided with respect to the dog’s perceived personality and its preferences. Know the ideal places where your dog likes to walk.

dog walking cartoon
Image by Dmitry Abramov from Pixabay

Credible studies show that dogs are happier when in the open. Happiness will be found as long as you find a place that can create walking partnership for you are your dog.

Who Leads the Walk?

This highly depends on how the owner interprets the danger of the environment. There are owners who feel worried if their dogs go off sight if left at a distance. Despite these anxieties, there are owners who feel that allowing a distance gives the pets freedom. However, it all depends on the breed of the dog and its specific behaviors.

The nature of the walk can also be affected by third parties on the path. When taking the walks, there are dog owners who do want to engage in any conversation with other humans or even their dogs, we have all seen this I am sure Essentially, walks with dogs become more enjoyable and less stressful when there are no humans or other dogs.

I personally love to let my dog off the leash to do his own thing although, when walking by the roadside I prefer him to be on the lead until we get to the park or countryside. How do you like to walk your dog?

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