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Dog Lovers There Is Something Very Special Going On In Nepal

A captivating festival of light called the Diwali is held every year in the Hindu and Buddhism calendar to celebrate light over darkness and conquering good over evil.

Dogs Worshiped As Our Friends

In Nepal on the second day of the Diwali a very special day called Kukur, Tihar takes places and this day is ONLY to celebrate dogs. It is believed in Hindu faith that dogs are the guardians of the gates to the afterlife. So on this day they praise and glorify the dogs with paint and acknowledge the special bond between humans and dogs.

The dogs are marked with a single stroke from the forehead upwards of a yellow/red dye powder made with yogurt and rice

The Kukur Tihar festival is celebrated across the world with the denominations of Hinduism and Buddhism. However, the festival origins started in Nepal and it is not only dogs they give praise to. The first day of the festival is dedicated to crows, the third day it is cows, the fourth day is for worshiping many things including themselves.

Adopt A Nepalese Dog

In Nepal there are many dogs seeking forever homes. If this is something that you may be interested in then you can adopt one by going to this link the International Dog Adoption

How did you celebrate Diwali with your dog?
Are you happy to see people honoring the relationship between dogs and humans around the world? Let us know in the comments below!

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Lawrence Pryor
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