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Dog Is So Happy After Seeing What Mom Has Put Up On The Ceiling Fan

Keeping your pets busy and entertained for hours requires great imagination. One owner, however, had the brightest idea. She suspended some toilet papers on the ceiling fan, and her cat happily played with it.

When Natalee Salvador saw this viral video on Facebook, she ought to give it a try. She thought that her cat Merlin would love playing with flying toilet papers, too. But Merlin wasn’t convinced.

Contrary to what was expected, Natalee’s feline company couldn’t care any less. He wasn’t impressed at all that he didn’t even play with it. Not even once.

Natalee, however, left the toilet papers hanging. And when Bentley, the family’s English bulldog, came in and saw everything, everyone got the reaction they were waiting for.

Bentley tends to overreact with things that are otherwise considered normal. He quickly gets startled when his mom moves the chair too fast and goes into attack mode when the vacuum is on. Even the littlest things bother him, and he always has hilarious reactions.

So when Bentley spotted the toilet papers spinning, he quickly dashed toward it. He hurled himself, bouncing up and down, trying to reach the unrolled tissue paper.

Bentley was the happiest during that time. And his mom and dad were equally thrilled, realizing how the silly set up made their dog happy. Watch that wonderful moment here:

The happy pup twirled, hopped, and bounced while playing with his newfound plaything. And while Natalee does not usually allow him to be jumping like that to keep him from hurting himself, she simply couldn’t help it. Bentley is one happy boy, and in return, he also made his parents happy.

Several minutes later, Natalee decided to remove the papers, or Bentley would not have stopped at all. And while they didn’t stay long, Bentley surely had so much fun playing with them.

Credits to Natalee Salvador

Lawrence Pryor
Lawrence Pryor
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