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Dad Nurses His Dogs Favourite Toy Back To Health And Goes Viral

Lucky by name and by nature this lovable little dog called “Lucky” just loves his favourite toy, a 6 year old teddy bear that has certainly seen better years.

Lucky always has beloved toy by his side since they met and this obviously means that the teddy bear shows plenty of signs of age and wear and tear.

It has lost most of its stuffing, looks ragged and ready for the bin, however, lucky just adores it and is rarely seen without his toy by his side.

According to Michaela Wallace, Lucky’s mum, he  takes the toy with him wherever he goes and protects it with all his heart.

However, one day the unthinkable happened and bad timing led to the loss of the favourite bear, causing the state of the already dilapidated teddy bear to worsen even more.

That was until Lucky’s grandpa, Wallace stepped up!

The bear got left behind when Lucky was outside to use the toilet and a snowstorm suddenly hit, and Lucky hurried back inside leaving his teddy behind him.

After the snow had nearly melted away Michaela’s dad went outside to look for the teddy bear and soon found him soaking wet and looking even more ragged than before.

Grandpa Wallace being the joker that he is, sent his daughter a text message saying the bear may have passed away.

However he also knew how important the tatty teddy bear was to the lovable pup.

He decided there and then to do everything he could to resuscitate the bear and bring it back to life.

He carried on texting his daughter during the day and and at one paint gave the bear CPR and revived it!

After successfully reviving the bear he told his daughter the bear would be good to go again soon. However as with all patients it would need some rest to recuperate.

So he set up a recovery room of sorts in their home and laid the bear on the bed with a makeshift IV drip on his arm.

Dogs Favorite Teddy Bear


The teddy bear recovered slowly but surely and Lucky accompanied by his sisterwas soon allowed to visit his best friend.

Michaela’s dad had always been a joker and they just loved the care and attention he gave to the sick teddy bear and nursed him back to good health.

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