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Crooked Faced Dog With A Warm Heart Seeks New Family To Love Him

Heartwarming story of Woody the Pit Bull who was mauled by another dog when he was only 5 weeks old and “left to heal on his own without veterinary care” This lovable crooked face dog is looking for a new home.


After he was mauled he was abandoned by his owners and chained up when the animal rescue team at SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast learned about him. SNARR came to Woody’s rescue after learning he had been surviving by the kindness of neighbours who had been feeding him after he had been alone for 6 weeks.

The family who owned him left the neighbourhood and abandoned this lovable dog and when SNARR heard about it and where asked to take him in they of course said yes.

To read the update on this story please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Luckily enough for Woody he does not have any health issues after the attack and it is only his lopsided face that makes him look different. SNARR said on their facebook page “He just looks a little different which doesn’t bother us one bit. In fact, it’s what made us fall in love with him even more.”

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They soon learned that Woody the Pit Bull also has a heart of gold as his foster mom Jamie Bond told the Dodo. “The first day we had Woody I was sick with a fever. He knew something wasn’t right and never left my side. He snuggled with me on the couch all afternoon. Now he’s my shadow, always following wherever I go, making sure I’m safe and sound. Woody loves to curl up on the bed and put his head on my chest.”

SNARR writes “Woody, while adorable, needs some love and a bit of training, he is a bit jumpy, but who wouldn’t be after being chained up outside! He also needs a home without cats, he likes to chase them.” So they plan on being very selective with the new family who adopt him and get the perfect fit for woody to thrive as he should.

woody asleep

SNARR says, “He is currently in foster with 4 other female dogs and does wonderfully. While Woody is good around kids, we think older kids (over the age of 10) is best, he has zero aggression towards anything or anyone, but he is a large dog who can at times get excited and jump up, so older kids are the better fit.” They believe he is better suited to a family with female dogs only.

Update on Woody’s progress

SNARR said that after some time searching for the perfect family to love and look after Woody, that he has now found his new forever home with a family just in time for Christmas. They shared a photo of him waiting for his presents and wearing his Christmas sweater and he does look happy!

woody with his christmas jumper

We can only thank rescue centers like SNARR for the important work they do and helping rescue these lovable animals after the cruelty and abuse they received by the human owners.

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