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Couple Shares Story Of A Dog Who Pushes His Dad’s Wheelchair Around

When people say that their dogs are their best friends, it could mean different things. For some, this means that dogs are their favorite pets. For others, they value dogs because they provide aid for their jobs, and there are people like Danilo Alarcon, whose dog has become his partner for life.

Danilo is a paraplegic, the 46-year-old man from the Philippines had lost control of his legs when he was involved in a motorcycle accident. He suffered from a severe spinal injury, and that changed his life forever. Adjusting to a life bound to a wheelchair was tough, but it became a lot easier when Digong came into his life.

Digong is Danilo’s pet dog, and he was named after the current president of the Philippines. One day, Danilo was exhausted from moving around with the wheelchair, and his pup noticed it. Seconds later, Danilo realized that Digong was pushing the back of his wheelchair using his head to help him move forward.

Digong was only 7-months old when he started helping his dad. Danilo was touched with his pup’s efforts to help him, and when Digong got tired, he would jump up on Danilo’s lap to rest. Their story broke the internet because of a couple that spotted the duo while driving in their car.

Faith and Danjo Revilla were running some errands when they saw Digong and Danilo. They filmed them rolling through the streets, and they were so curious that they couldn’t help but ask Danilo for an hour of his time. The couple treated them to lunch while they asked Danilo about his life and of course, about his relationship with Digong.

It turned out that Danilo isn’t the only beneficiary of Digong’s good deeds. The dog sometimes pushes another man who uses a wheelchair from their neighborhood. This dog is just too good to be true, and he didn’t even have any type of training as a service dog. Digong is a true example of a man’s best friend.

Credits: Daily Mail

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Lawrence Pryor
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