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Choosing A Xmas Outfit For Santa’s Little Helper

Christmas Is Fast Approaching And It’s Time To Buy Max An Outfit

I love Christmas time for getting together with family and friends and of course sharing special moments with my furry companion, or as I like to call my wee Max, Santa’s little helper, yes I know a simpsons rip off 🙂

So I set about searching Amazon for the Best Dog Outfits for Max my Jack Russell and ordering him a Santa suit for xmas. I love my little dog and would never put him under duress or harm and buying him an outfit to show him off at Xmas is my plan, and he loves it.

I ordered him the one below and I can’t wait to get it and see it on him. Of course I will keep you updated on the website and our Facebook Page.

Dog santa outfit
Cute Christmas Dog Outfit

Other Christmas Dog Outfits At Amazon

This little cutie looks amazing in the dog reindeer outfit and it will give him a bit of protection on a cold winter’s day. So cute!


reindeer outfit for dogs

If you would prefer a warm hoodie type of Christmas jacket for your pooch there are many purpose built to keep them warm and cosy to choose from like this warm Christmas winter coat.

warm winter dog coats

There are some fantastic outfits for sale and while searching online I found this Star Wars storm trooper outfit for dogs and it is really very good. However, I could not find it for sale on amazon or ebay so it may be homemade.

star wars outfit for dogs

There are so many great outfits to choose from online either from Amazon, ebay or a google search but one thing you must make sure of is measuring your dog first.

Measure around the neck, chest and length as sizes apparently vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. I was surprised to see myself that wee Max is not as wee as other small dogs, so it pays to measure first.

I can’t wait to get his outfit! Pictures will follow soon 🙂

Check here for the Best Dog Outfits on Amazon

Lawrence Pryor
Lawrence Pryor
Hi everyone, I am a dog lover/owner and a blogger for many years and I created this website to share fun and interesting stories about our wonderful dogs. They truly are our best friends.


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