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Can Dogs At Work Improve Employee Collaboration?

Anna Jentoft is one of the employees at Amazon, based at the company’s headquarters. What makes her unique is the fact that she does not leave her dog, labradoodle Franny behind whenever she reports to work. As she answers her calls, the one year old dog is her perfect workmate by her side.

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At Amazon, there are thousands of dogs that accompany employees because the organization has set aside dog-friendly rules. As a retail giant, Amazon gives workers permission to come to work with their dogs. Employees have the privilege to cool off after intense meetings by taking a walk with their dogs.

When employees report to work with their dogs, they feel more confident because of the social support they get from dogs. Moreover, coworkers are able to interact during breaks as they talk about their dogs.

Statistics conducted in May 2017 reveal that most of the employees who own dogs rarely miss work. The excuses of going home early or taking breaks to go and feed their dogs will be a thing of the past. According to Jennifer Fearing, pets at work are an advantage to the employee because they make it possible for workers across different departments to work in partnership. Jennifer is the co-author of Dogs at work, a book written to give guidelines on how to create a dog-friendly work environment.

Spread the Love With a Dog

“As you walk across the office during breaks and pet a dog that is not yours, you are likely to create a rapport with the owner, who is a colleague you have not talked to before. After the conversation you had about the dog, it becomes possible to get ideas on how to work together”. Jennifer affirms.

The leading retailer has stated that the employee experience is one of the major factors that made it to come up with a dog friendly policy. For the last 20 years, the company’s work place in Seattle has seen the employees with dogs increase by a significant margin. According to one of the company’s communication representatives, Rufus, a Welsh corgi at Amazon has been used to take part in the launching of pages. He is a famous dog at the company with a big influence that one of the buildings in the company’s Seattle campus has been named after him. This dog policy has significantly contributed to the growth of good employee relation at Amazon.

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