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‘Broken’ Shelter Dog With Sad Past Now Has The Sweetest Smiles

Sanford is the happiest senior dog anyone could ever meet. He shares the sweetest smiles to anyone he meets. But just like any other rescue dog, Sanford needed some help in the past, too.

Back in April, Sanford was wandering in the streets of Texas when a speeding car hit him. The accident left him paralyzed. Worse, rescuers also discovered he had a bullet wound on his hind leg.

Animal control rescued Sanford and took him to a local animal shelter located in Dallas. He stayed with them for a week, where he was fed and cared for. But the shelter didn’t have enough resources. So Sanford did not receive the medical care that he needed.

Fortunately, a volunteer of the rescue group called Dallas Dog RRR learned about Sanford. Immediately, she decided to help him.

Sanford was broken, both physically and emotionally. He didn’t even have the slightest reaction upon meeting the rescue’s volunteer. It’s like he has given up hope and is merely waiting for him to take his last breath.

The poor dog stayed at the hospital for a few days. When he was released, Karen Velazquez, his foster mom, came to meet him. Since then, Sanford has been smiling all day long. He knew he’s finally in safe hands.

Today, Sanford enjoys going on walks, eating healthy meals prepped by his foster mom, and playing with his foster dog siblings. At the age of 10, he’s pretty old. But Karen says he acts like a younger pup.

Sanford is loved and cared for by his foster family. They give him all the attention and treats that he wants. But like any other dog, he deserves to have a home that he can call his own.

Sanford will be a perfect companion to any individual or family who will open their homes for him. He is excellent with both humans and other dogs, too. And he’ll keep you company all day long.

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Credits to Karen Velazquez and Dallas Dog RRR

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Lawrence Pryor
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