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Awesome Dogs That Look Like Bears

Amazing Dogs That Look Like Bears

A lot people love small dogs yet others will do anything to have a wolf looking friend. However, others find dogs that look like bears quite charming and would want their dogs to be super fluffy and large. If you belong to this group then you cant resist a dog that looks like a bear. If you would like to own an enormous fluffy dog then it pays to know what breeds actually looks like a bear. To help you here are a few breeds that you should put into consideration: 

The Ovcharka
The Ovcharka

The Ovcharka is a powerful dog breed from the east. Originally from Russia this dog breed is super tough and has an intimidating look that will have your kids scampering for safety once they set their eyes on it. It has an enormous head and thick fur which makes it a perfect bear like dog. And to make up for its looks this dog is quite friendly and has amazing temperament. 

Tibetan Mastiff
The Tibetan Mastiff

Another perfect breed you should look at when searching for a bear looking dog is the Tibetan Mastiffs. This powerful dog was originally bred at the base of the Himalayas Mountains to help protect sheep from bears and wolves. It thus has the perfect  intimidating look you want in your bear-like pet. It a great dog for a pet as it is super friendly, loyal and quite awesome if you love the outdoors. 

Chow Chow
The Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a huge dog breed that is native of Northern China where it is commonly referred to as Songshi Quan which means puffy lion dog.  This breed is fluffy, enormous and quite athletic. This makes it one of the perfect bear breeds that you will love for a companion. It’s a perfect pet dog as its also friendly, adorable and quite a joy to have around. 

newfoundland dog
The Newfoundland Dog

Another awesome dog breed with a bear like face is the Newfoundland. It has sharp big brown eyes that can be quite intimidating especially when you take into consideration their large fluffy bodies. Let this not intimidate you as this dog is friendly and a great companion. It’s also an awesome work horse and will make for a great pet if your love the outdoors or you are a runner. 

The Akita Dog
The Akita

The Akita is a japanese breed that is quickly becoming popular across the world. it is fluffy and has the physique you would love in your bear like dog. It is a work dog and thus a perfect friend if you love hiking or the outdoor in general. It has cute puppies that actually look like real life teddy bears.

The Eurasier

From its name it is clear that the Eurasier dog has both Asian and European heritage. This is because the breed is actually a cross breed of Samoyed and Chow Chow breeds. It is smart and beautiful family dog with a calm temperament. It has bear like face and quite a physical body that backs its fierce like looks.

If you want to own a bear like dog then this list is just the start. There are some other breeds not on this list that you might find quite fascinating. Take your time and you to talk to your local kennel club and you learn many interesting things about these breeds.

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