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131 Pound Dog Helps Little Girl To Walk Again

11 year-old Bella Burton is not an ordinary child. She has been suffering from an rare genetic condition, having been diagnosed only when she was just about 2 years.  This health predicament meant that Bella Burton could not easily take part in normal activities such as running, walking or riding bicycles.

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You think her hopes were shattered? Get shocked to discover how George, a great Dane dog that is only 2 years old but completely changed the life of this little girl. Bella has been good friends with the dog ever since she met her through a local organization one year ago. “Bella can now do other activities like normal children of her age. As a matter of fact, the new friendship has made Bella do away with her crutches and wheelchair; she is completely on her own now.” WCVB reported.

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Their companionship is inseparable. Surprisingly, George is 131-pound but strong enough to support Bella’s 44 pound body, with a height of 43 inch. A harness has been attached to George’s back and his shoulders lined with hovers. These are what Bella needs to hold on to for support and walk like any other child.  She can move to all the halls in her school, go to class and visit all eating cafeterias in the elementary school she attends. It is this unique companionship that has gotten the attention of major media houses, including ABC news.

With George, Bella’s life is easy and manageable. Apart from running along the beach when it is sunny, she can now ride her bike and even sled in the winter.

“It’s been very long since I saw my child run through the yard. When I see her run like other healthy girls, am filled with ecstasy.”Bella Burton’s mum told the reporters.

The little girl is suffering from Morquio syndrome, a condition that occurs when the body is unable to acquire a particular substance that breaks down sugar molecules in the body. As a result, the body suffers from organ damage, bell shaped chest and irregular development of the spine or bones. According to National institute of Health (NIH), the condition does not affect the cognitive development of a child, but can lead to paralysis and other heart complications. Presently, no cure has been established to cure this condition but researchers are doing experiments.

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