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12-Year-Old Boy Makes Bow Ties To Help Shelter Dogs Be Adopted

Many of us want to help shelter dogs, but not too many of us actually do something about it. But it’s understandable that sometimes people just don’t have the time and resources to help out. What we fail to realize is that small things can greatly impact the situation of these poor pups.

12 Year Old Boy Raises The Bar

Darius Brown, a young animal lover from Newark, decided to do his bit. He didn’t have any money to donate, and he didn’t have the time to visit the shelters, but during his free time, he made bow ties and donated them to the New York City ASPCA. Darius is only 12 years old, but he understands that helping a little bit is better than not helping at all.

It may not seem much, but combined with professional photography, the dogs in the shelter will have a better chance of getting adopted. Darius started making bow ties when he was younger. He was diagnosed with a few developmental issues, and one of them is a delay with his fine motor skills.

His sister Dazhai was making bow ties for a living, and she thought that having Darius help with the cutting of the fabric would help his fine motor skills, and she was absolutely right. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, and the boy saw in the news that the shelter animals from there were being transferred to New York, Darius wanted to help out.

A New Company Was Created

He was already making bow ties on his own and decided to use his skills for a good cause. He started the Beaux and Paws company, which was dedicated to making custom-made bow ties for dogs and cats who are stuck in animal shelters. Having the dogs wear these make them more attractive to potential dog parents.

His simple act of kindness has been recognized by people all around, even celebrities. Kim Kardashian is one of Darius’ fans. She told him that she loved what he is doing and urged him to continue. But the one that takes the cake is President Obama. He sent a letter to Darius, commending him for his initiative, which just blew the kid’s mind. Hopefully, Beaux and Paws will continue to exist even when Darius is all grown up.

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