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10 Signs Your Dog Loves You Without The Treats!

We love our dogs unconditionally and there’s a lot to love on offer let’s be honest. They make the perfect companion who will never complain or let you down and will always be ready to be by your side no matter what.

They are always willing to keep you company for that late night trip to the store so you are never alone. So it’s not hard for us to figure out why we love our dogs so much. However, how can we tell if the feeling is mutual and they not just in it for the treats?

I decided to do some research on this for some signs that your dog really loves you.


Dogs are so wonderful and cute that reciprocity probably isn’t required for you to continue to love your pet — it would be nice however to get some assurance that the affection goes both ways.

The 10 cues below can give you some of the proof you are looking for.

Eye Contact

According to Vetstreet, dogs don’t perceive eye contact the same way within the species (other breeds of dogs may actually find it aggressive), but they do stare at their favorite humans as a sign of love and respect.  When you stare at your dog and he stares back with relaxed eyes, it usually means he is relaxed and comfortable.


Tail Wagging

We all assume that a dog wagging his tail is a sign of a happy dog and iHeartDogs confirms that it’s a sign of affection toward humans. The more relaxed a dog is, the more easily they wag their tails. One thing to keep in mind though is, if the dog’s tail muscles are stiff and the tail is still wagging it could mean they are angry or annoyed, so be mindful and read the cues.



How many times have you yawned and your dog yawns with you? A recent study on Live Science, showed that dogs were more likely to yawn simultaneously with their owners than with a human stranger. The study suggested that when your dog yawns right along with you, could be a sign of affection and empathy.


Facial Expressions

Paying attention to your dogs facial expressions, such as raising their eyebrows (especially the left one) is a sign that your dog is again happy to see you according to a study in Japan. Read more about the study here 



Snuggling with your dog is what our cannie dreams are made of as we love a good cuddle with our favourite pets. According to Vetstreet, we should feel really good when our pets want to snuggle up beside us.  After all, they could choose to cuddle up and sleep anywhere, and they chose to be with you!


Getting Excited

It does not matter if you are gone from the home for 10 minutes or 10 hours, your dog gets excited on your return as soon as you walk through the door. So it hardly comes as any surprise this kind of enthusiastic welcome is a demonstration of love, but Rover’s Daily Treat confirms it.



Sleeping Next To You

All dogs are pack animals at heart and naturally they will sleep huddled together while in the pack. It is therefore no surprise they will demonstrate the same behaviour with the family who cares and loves for them when the feel comfortable. According to iHeartDogs, dogs transfer the feelings they would have about their canine pack in the wild.



According to Vetstreet when a dog’s mouth is open and relaxed it indicates that he or she is feeling happy and affectionate and is smiling. So if you ever thought or imagined your dog was smiling back at you, most likely you were correct and it was not just some random movement with the corners of his mouth!


Leaning Against You

How many times has your dog leaned against you? I know from my own experience with Max that he leans against me all the time and according to Canidae, leaning against you makes your dog feel safe and secure, and it’s another way of showing his love.


Stealing Your Clothes

Another favourite although slightly annoying is having to chase Max down the stairs as he has my socks or underwear in his mouth. Although annoying according to Puppy Leaks  a dog experience’s the world through scent, so when they love you, they love your smell too! So to hang on to that smell, they may steal your clothes. So in reality they just want more of you and this is a gesture of adoration.


I hope you enjoyed these 10 signs that your dog really loves you as much as you love him or her.

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Lawrence Pryor
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